My Best Alt Lit Pieces: Part I

In the wake of this so-called new movement of Alt Lit, creative prose as formulated and generated by the rise of social media through thoughtful and brief writings, I’ve traced my steps. I still don’t know what to make of this alt lit thingamajig, whether it’s because it undermines all the writing I’ve perfected in my growth as a writer throughout college etc. and/or. I haven’t been on my Tumblr game when it comes to Alt Lit from where it originated. More so the fact that, in looking through my Tumblr archives, I am pretty sure I’m well deserving of being credited as a pioneer.

So yes, I do like the idea of this being a “new” movement, particularly because it is relevant to how this generation relates to writing as a form in itself. How we express micro thoughts through meme captions and the punchlines are illustrated through GIFS. It’s always been on the prowl, and now it’s out in the open and we’re starting to realize that this is not just a reflection of how quickly we communicate to each other, but how concise we’ve become with our thought– and writing– process.

January 23, 2014,

I think I’m not meant to meet my heroes. I’m awkward as fuck.

December 31, 2013


Use the energy gained from sleep to go out and see more of the world.

Form opinions. Strong and positive ones from what I see of the world.

Build my writing platform.

Work on posture.

Read again.

Write and finish a novel again.

Cut down washing my hands.  They’re crackling more than ever.

October 19, 2013

One thing I can resolve about my weird work hours and this ridiculous strike is that I’m becoming a morning person again, at least.

November 30, 2012

the cold in the bay greets me as i find myself having Irish coffee to myself. personal essays to write, revise, and a coming Christmas to swoon over and write about once it’s all passed.

November 16, 2012

missing your sister when she’s in England. the country you fell in love with and always wanted to visit. now just jealous of the lucky bitch.

June 26, 2012

it’s getting warm again. sun is out. thank you for falling back into place, California.

June 13, 2012

the many low interesting points of today in San Francisco included getting hit on three little boys with Liza and when sand pummeled you into the ground with even more sand and it was wasn’t fun.

at least you got your cookie cutters, Liza.

June 11, 2012

summer night favorite thing to do is blast Airborne Toxic Event when it’s hot and the window’s open. i blast that lovely, gorgeous, motherfucker of a sound. especially if my neighbors don’t care for it. but i love it. i love how TATE reminds me of summers in California.

May 23, 2012


this music is just cheesy, funky, danceable— superb.

just fun. just how i want my summer to be going

March 13, 2012


but life isn’t about sleeping. if i gave today in for more sleep, i wouldn’t have experience a fun-filled 8-hour time about the City. so no sleep. well— yes, sleep, but don’t live to sleep. whenever i am tired and dread the next day, i always remember how tomorrow will be wonderful and all the possibilities in this happening— i can always sleep, sleep when i’m dead.

January 30, 2012

(Sleep Part II)

why is sleep important? when you don’t sleep well you get drowsy later in the afternoon. drowsiness causes you to get off at the wrong bus stop two blocks early, and you land in the sketch part of Market Street.

January 19, 2012

warmth coming at you both ways.

January 4, 2012

be happier this year. more than the last.



Summer, 2014

He’s illegal. Ugh, He hated how that sounded, if all eyes were on him like some murderer with blood still soaking his clothes.
But Cameron couldn’t help the thrill of it. This was it. And it was the first time he’d ever really take in anything into his own hands. He always read about the Future in Your Control, aspired to the existentialism they taught at Nottingham, but now he was living it. And now he would be forced to live with this future he decided in America. Illegally.
Cameron really didn’t think he’d end up here, out in California practically a whole world away from home. But at least it was feeling like England, with rain for these first few nights out in the San Francisco Bay Area. Fantastic! All the same comforts of Nottingham existed with this sprawling place where there seemed to be endless options, plans to be made, But for lying low this second year, Camerons’s busing at The Tunstall had to do.
That first night he missed his Virgin flight and Skyped his parents– who would have met him at Heathrow– to spill the news. The second night they tried Skyping him again and he refused their call. In the events to night nine he’d landed a permanent job at a pub and a room to rent with a student at UC Berkeley. Of all the cities he’d seen in America, Berkeley was his favorite. There were trees at least, thank God. But the city was relaxed, and funny. Twinkle lights remained on porches and lit the summer evenings, and beautiful artwork paved the sleepy little craftsman bungalows that reminded him somehow of Cotswold cottages. But it was that view, the one beyond the greenery and out over an unrivaled bay and bridge, deep orange and flickering out of whipped-like fog. It was his last camp of the summer he taught up in the hills, and in ending up there what ever knew in England had ended.
He’s illegal because he wanted all of this.

New Novel in the Works; and You’ll be the First to See Here!

Yes! Within the upcoming weeks I shall shortly be posting chapter by chapter of my next novel, THE BOYS IN AMERICA. Won’t exactly go into the details just yet of what this will entail, other than that it follows the misadventures of young men working abroad each with their own significant story line. I’m very proud and motivated to finally have found a body of work I’m really eager to get out of my head and onto paper and to the world. My novel writing approach has very much altered as well, with past guidance from college seminars and real world expectations of written content based on my freelancing.

It is also a fun fact to know that this was all originally taken from my first novel I wrote. The frame of this story is shattered from the old and remade anew with this updated and more relevant storyline that not just I can relate to, but my readers and those around me who, being in my life, I would not be able to complete (or start) this tale. From the original story of a college drop-out moving to the Bay Area, the new protagonist is all the same in the same aspects as when I first created him, but his story is more evolved than the unrealistic musings of life in which I first wrote for him and the other characters. The Muse Land is gone, laid down and remaining dormant until it awakens into a fresh, new work, retitled and rejuvenated. But there is still a muse land; there always will be as long as the Bay Area is home.

So stay tuned, follow this blog, and be on the lookout for the first chapter of The Boys in America soon!

— P.

Staying Fresh! Spring Writing Inspirations

Pretty Vanity

Spring has long sprung, but now as we head into the Month of May, there’s really so much to inspire the senses and hard to miss. Warmer weather, sun more often than not, the smell of jasmine in the air around Clayton, a new job to go with all my other creative endeavors… yes! I am currently a creative copywriter with an absolutely brilliant idea of a website. MyWebRoom is based in San Francisco and a central place for you to store all your favorite shopping/news/social media sites into one virtual room that yes, you can design all on your own! Check it out here.

Here's my Webroom! How it works? Click on the center framed photo, goes to Facebook! Click on the TV, goes to Youtube! Can you guess where the birdcage (not shown) goes to?
Here’s my Webroom! How it works? Click on the center framed photo, goes to Facebook! Click on the TV, goes to Youtube! Can you guess where the birdcage (not shown) goes to?

To renew my excitement over the coming months, I’ve compiled everything together that’s inspiring me now. From writing tools to what I’m reading or favorite chocolate, maybe you need some things to get you writing or feeling something other than your hay fever!

Tocca Stella Perfume Coco Chanel said that a woman who didn’t wear perfume wouldn’t go anywhere. At least, when you find that right scent for you you certainly will. After years of just borrowing my sister’s Bath and Body Works stuff and finding whatever was in the house just to not smell like I’d been walking in heat, this is what I’ve been waiting for. The Stella scent by Italian brand Tocca is sweet, alluring, and very playful and citrusy. LOVE IT! Feels like summer every I put it on.

Le Pen in Oriental Blue All the colors in Le Pen are beautiful, but it’s more so how dainty and smooth this pen writes. Especially the Oriental Blue ink, it’s so calming and there’s a soberness to seeing it spell out your magic.

LePen OB

The Beautiful and the Damned by F. Scott Fitzgerald Besides The Great American Novel which gave us the hopeless romantic Jay Gatsby and a selection of short stories, I felt that I really didn’t know F. Scott Fitzgerald’s works. And so, his second novel is proving to me that lovely, lengthy prose and details really sink into the heart and mind of a reader. Use these to illustrate the beautiful beginnings of a young Manhattan couple (though how long the “beautiful” will last I cannot tell since I’m only halfway through the book) and there’s just a carefree and dreamy poetry to the work all together. It’s definitely a great read to get me well pumped for my summer holiday to New York City in July!

Apica CD Notebooks Here’s something that just makes you WANT to write! Apica is a Japanese brand of durable and light-weight composition books that resemble Edwardian-era copybooks for school children. I guess that’s what draws me into them, their design and how I envision them. It brings back memories, to when writing in a notebook daily topical freewrite pieces in English which you got to share were the best ten minutes of the whole class. I like Moleskine of course, but for quick effortless scribbles and smoother, portable sets, there’s nothing else I want. Plus, they’re sooooo much more inexpensive!

CD Notebook

Toasted Coconut Milk Chocolate by Ghirardelli  I stumbled up0n this flavor of home brand Ghirardelli at a work potluck. Someone brought in two big bars of it and I found them stuffed into the back of the employee fridge two weeks later. I’m so hooked! The chewy little spurts of toasted coconut baked into the chocolate add on to the tropical fresh taste, making it so light.

Google Images
Google Images

Beachy Waves Sea Salt Spray Try a bunch and just find whatever works for your hair. For a cheap and quick fix, the Garnier Frutis De-Constructed Beach Chic spray does it for my cropped hair. With spring, sea salt is a savior when you’re gonna get serious for some writing. More effort on writing, and less on the hair.

Self Portrait Beachy Waves