Flash Nonfiction: Open Your Eyes

Sunday Typewriter

There’s only one way to publish these few thoughts I’ve made in thanks to my typewriter. I was going to rewrite most of my work onto here, but in the way that I’ve written some, just printed words in a post didn’t seem to do them justice. The original media in which I was inspired deserves the credit: I really am taking a liking to the patience and instant, unforgiving spark of typewriting. No autocorrect, no redlined awkward phrases or syntax that tell you what shouldn’t belong. Trust your heart, your creative flow, to just put the words out there, naked and revealing in all their faults.






The Shop is Open!


New year, new goals, and exciting adventures ahead for this P!

I’ll officially be moving into San Francisco, cutting my commute to work in roughly half! It’s been too long since I’ve been away from this city to properly enjoy all it has to offer, and my move will enable me to attend and write about a variety of literary events within this romantic city with its rich history of the arts. For one, I have a prospective writing workshop to be a part of, but details later to follow– just an idea out there that I’m GLAD at least it’s out there!


Having received a typewriter over Christmas has reawakened my want to write every moment, as much as I can. Sometimes nothing hits me, but I’ll still jot down whatever fleeting thought I have just to keep the energy going. It’s a blessing, a beautiful thing to have. And it’s a great tool that’s enabled me to take on once more my Etsy shop!


The new items on display at Paris K Studio now feature not just my own artwork and designs, but some writing as well! Ever since working at Paper Source, I’ve found the perfect outlet in creating greeting cards and unique stationery– a fun form to condense my writing in just the right amount of words. You even get to see a lot of my own designs too, with each card/ printed prose. I don’t have a set signature style; just drawing what makes me feel good inside and hopefully that same feeling translates with the aesthetic I put together in each card!


Take a look at the shop! Especially if Valentine’s Day is around the corner….



Thinking Aloud About Friends

Some of the best people you know move away from you. People you’ve known since 6th grade, new faces at work who are ready to quit and move on to a new opportunity; friends in other states that you scarcely see but somehow they’re the only people that matter when time does bring you together. Are they leaving you alone?

Of course they’re not. Things pull people apart, no one person is tied to another and that’s something I need to keep telling myself. I’m the worst offender when it comes to clinging. I try to not show it; but years of jealously and reevaluating my self esteem based on the people I was surrounded with in those first few years of college brought about not the most graceful time of friendship for me. And people I thought I would endure life with forever left out of the blue and for stupid reasons. I’ve experienced a weird and frustrating journey of relationships and trying to maintain them for a variety of complications that seem stupid now, and even worse, can’t be fixed. And now it’s a time to let go.

I wanted to talk about this after I recently had drinks out with one of these great friends. She’s usually away in Santa Clara at law school and these past few months we’ve barely seen or talked. And finally for the five hours we hung out, it was just great to glaze over so much going on in our lives– and happier to know that she’s staying around for awhile. I couldn’t help but think that, against her assurance, what about other people I’ve come to love? They say friends come and go and this is the year that it’s going to happen and I don’t want it to happen– yet I’m prepared to embrace it. I need to realize that the loss of friends close by means making you a better person for the long run so that they won’t forget about you at all, no matter where they journey to.

What really matters now is, how can you make it on your own. It’s frustrating because not only did you see who really made a difference in your life and stuck around, but how long they put up with things like never responding to texts and cancelling plans last minute or insisting we meet up and do crazy shit together on a Tuesday night. And now you’re on your own and you have to find out how to keep going and growing into a better you. Just keep thinking positive. Perhaps on your own is the ultimate test of friendship– in their absence will you be a better person, or just a bitter dickhead?

2015 without some friends is just going to you at your best in the new year. Be happy for them, and that’s the best you can do at still being a great friend. They won’t forget it, really.

Flash Nonfiction: After Reading a Book Before Bed

Do you recall we once had an adventure too?

It was in that boring summer with no car or internet and not enough to read. So we set out of the house and down the road where deer walked along dried creeks  and suddenly this small suburb by the Devlish Mountain was the Shire or Avonlea–

Only that library could bring forth these places that now seemed so near, but nothing as close to the story you lived out yourself.


Music Monday for 2015


As this is the first bright Monday of the new year, nothing perks up your mood like some coffee! But if you’re already over this Monday (and perhaps just any other Monday as well) you might have slept in and coffee doesn’t cut it as you realize the clock’s almost at noon. So, let music be that next best pick-me-up!

Some of the songs I’m sharing here aren’t necessarily new tracks– it is only the 5th day of 2015 after all– but stuff I happened to come across when wanting some fresh stuff to get into. Namely, this is the unofficial playlist I’m writing Boys of America to. Youthful, stupid, and just hopeful sounding to me. Or just plain stupid. I welcome new music you might like to share with me in return!

Bleachers, “Rollercoaster”

Post-punk poppiness is what I get from Jack Antonoff’s project Bleachers. And it’s so damn catchy. I feel exactly like I should be driving on some desert highway or just running down the street as I push trashcans over. Or maybe that should be for the next song;

The Libertines, “Don’t Look Back Into The Sun”

The humor I want to tackle in Boys in America teeters on the lines of serious and The Inbetweeners, and this is the song I imagine is the anthem of these young men out in a new world trying to make it big. Just wreckless and a hot mess, not too far from Pete Dougherty. But having fun all the same! Plus I’ll always need some sort of British band in my life.

Walk the Moon, “Shut Up and Dance With Me”

There’s a pattern for upbeat dance stuff here, but hey, you gotta do what you need to do to get you through Monday and many more Mondays of this year! Why not off to a good start. Plus the music video is pretty funny and tacky. I feel bad for the 80’s era always taking the hit (not).

Hozier, “Take Me to Church”

On a more sober note, this song. I discovered Hozier after a friend in LA posted Instagram pics of his brilliant show a few months back when appropriately, he performed in a HUGE church. It was intriguing, and I’m glad this song’s everywhere because it is kind of cool and hits hard with a melodic chorus.

Nothing new. But it’s always great to latch onto new sounds at any time just to get your mind into a better place!

Especially on a Monday.

BOYS IN AMERICA: “The Old Mates”

Rick was called by the other coaches a pedo. Everyone’s guilty of pop star infatuations, but Lorde was still sixteen. It was a term of endearment and a fanciful tease of a guy like Rick to openly fall for someone so young and brooding in style as her. They wouldn’t question Rihanna or Katy Perry– maybe think he was gay if it were Gaga– but “pedo” for the summer would suffice. He helplessly owned up to it too. Naturally it was “Royals” blaring from the car he came up in with his recent partner Ethan Yates. As the red Chevy crunched to a still on the parking lot gravel, Cameron thought to himself how at least his little disappearance fortunately got him away from Rick for a while.

It wasn’t too bad of a day out on the Danville field this Friday afternoon. A warm breeze skimmed the deep green field, just out from when he had last seen it. Young oaks were planted around its outskirts and along little hedges of dying confederate jasmine gapped between the sprawling field and the parking lot. In their last breath they gave out a scent so strong that it could be smelled by the young men just on the other side. Danville was straight up country and something out of the prairie west. To Cameron it felt like one of those towns he’d driven through last summer when he and some of the other coaches went up to Lake Tahoe.

He would be on the field today with Rick, Ethan, Lee, and Sean. Since Sean and Lee had been working together the past two weeks, Cameron panicked at seeing Lee, not knowing whether Sean told him anything.

“How’s it going, matey boy?” Lee greeted. His white summer kit was wrinkled and had a small tear on the left seam line that slightly grew when Lee gave out his hand to shake. “All well?”

Cameron nodded and warmly replied, “Felt like shit. But I’m good now. Hope you didn’t let things go riot ’round here whilst I was out.” Good Lee, Cameron wished he’d told him about leaving rather than Rick. He and Ethan’s car were still blasting music causing the other boys to speak a bit louder.

“That’s the fun part,” Lee continued. “We wouldn’t have wanted you to miss out on any of it! Just the heat. The heat’s horrendous right about now.”
Sean came over to join them, bearing with him mesh orange bags filled with soccer balls and plastic neon blue discs to be used as markers throughout the field. “This is nothing until September! You guys know that,” he said. He started to open the mesh for the markers and repeatedly flung them at Lee. “Yo! Let’s go put these out.”

“Don’t nee to kill me with them!” Lee shouted back, though not annoyed. “Cameron just got back, we might as well just go out for proper breakfast now than start off with more sessions. Ugh, spoke too soon– see some kids now.

“What’s the game for today?” Cameron asked, kicking about a ball he stole out of Sean’s bag.

“Good question,” Sean replied. Game plan was usually planned at the second it was asked about. “Well I wanted to get around to some passing games. Swamp Monster?”

Lee shrugged. “Eh, that’s good. And we can throw in some Sleepy Pirate for time, then scrimmage games.”

“Who’s going to be the sleepy Pirate this time?” With his luck Cameron dreaded the answer.

“Not me!” Rick and Ethan now were with them after having quickly assembled their side of the field. “The grass gets kicked up in your face. Hate that!”

“What can we say Ricky boy,” Ethan began, “the summer lads get first in everything, even games.”

“Kids love you anyway!” Cameron added with a slight laugh.

“Well I don’t love them,” Rick replied rather stiffly. “I can’t even handle my own twelve-year-old sister.”

“If you wanted to honestly see the world Ricky boy, you shouldn’t have taken a job working with kids.” Sean made a point. “Could have just backpacked it or something, your own fault.”

“Well, backpacking doesn’t pay me now, does it?”

“Touche Rick.” Lee said this in a lighthearted tone to which only Cameron could really pick up a sense of worry beneath. Though Cameron was on his second year out in America with EYSI, Lee had been there longer. The first summer that Cameron came out was Lee’s fifth. He never really knew why Lee had stayed doing soccer for so long.

Rick didn’t know how long any of his colleagues had actually been working there and he didn’t give a shit. Before he arrived, there had been Alexes and Robs and Allistairs and Toms– all under twenty-one and on a holiday like temp summer with EYSI for a quick chance to get out of the UK and see America. You never got attached to those guys. And so the rest of the boys humored them in the short summer working together.

Kids were piling onto the field until they were all lined up on the green appropriately with their teams from the day before. Just camps, on these hot but dry weekdays. Drills, scrimmages, and more drills– practices that made the likes of Cameron numb to a sport he was passionate about. Not that hatred would ever happen, likely. But those beginnings moments of dread when seeing a swarm of children brought back an urge to disappear again. But at least he wasn’t the pirate when it came to. Rick could talk and talk, but the summer lads virtually had no say. All was laughs and dirt in the Pirate’s face much to his dismay.

And then Dave Madison arrived.