Moving! What I Hope to Get out of Living (Again) in San Francisco


I couldn’t have been more excited for this weekend. It was SUPERBOWL SUNDAY!!

Not. Well, you can’t deny the commercials and ENDLESS Wing Stop! True annual family tradition.

It was also the beginning to the end of my time living in the (far) East Bay and bringing it to the big city by the Bay itself! Having gone to school/worked in San Francisco for these past few years, it’s only fair that I finally get a chance to fully embrace what the city has to offer. That means, a LOT of exciting changes to my life and I really should act upon them. I’ll be closer to old friends and staying out late nights if needed. There’s so much of the city I still have to explore because there never was time before. If you had to deal with BART as much as I have, taking that last train out of the city by midnight was a tongue in cheek option to hang out.


A little move like this isn’t really anything, but it is to me. In the last year I worked hard to build myself up from nothing out of college and to me this is what matters– being in a place I love, landing in a stable situation, finding out that I do matter. That was a struggle I dealt with coming out of college, what I’m sure everyone graduating feels– are they worth it? We go through so many trials and errors to find that stability promised to us when making our way up in this world, and for me that was on my mind throughout the whole Odyssey. I found myself on an unexpected route but I made the most out of that situation, pushing my weird introverted self outwards and building on my creativity in a new light that I wouldn’t have  known if I didn’t work in retail, or even branch out to what small but extraordinary and unique publications I could to get me somewhere with my personal work. It was a humbling process that’s made me my proudest, proud to know a good life isn’t without stumbles and feeling low at times and forcing yourself to be in those situations for the greater good and those you love.


The past has brought me to here, and here, I list the things I look forward to the most if I’m going to find that inspiration:

Explore new neighborhoods, particularly Potrero Hill and the Dogpatch. The outer SF area consists of uncharted lands that any stranger will find something random and interesting to write about.

Do my part to write, by attending live shows and getting into writing workshops to really pinpoint my voice and what I have to bring to the literary scene. Branching out makes a difference, and with this city, you never know what local legends you may come across and you never will know them if you don’t get out. I cannot wait to go back out to the Lunada Literary Lounge, my favorite spot for live reads in the Mission that’s rich with voices from all backgrounds and cultures depicting the experience of urban life and heritage. It’s also only ever held on full moons, which is a great twist and somewhat spiritual motivator– perhaps you’re most inspired at the most mystic time possible?

Acknowledge all the lives and lows of this city. I am a part of the startup culture so controversial in this city, but I don’t really identify with it. I want to be a part of this city, not expecting it to bend backwards or offer me the best of the best. I fell in love with this city long before startup bros were disrupting, with the oddities and genuine people that showed me more to life. Just take things for how they are and make the most of them; acknowledge these truths, and as Keats put it, “truth beauty.” Be a better person to this city by welcoming all and any person you meet, especially the disenfranchised which is a shadow over the city. But I don’t hate it, I want to help. And from my experiences over the holidays it’ll always be in my mind to be in service of someone in the city. That’s how we truly enjoy this place, don’t we? Live together, support each other, even strangers. Break down walls and build up dreams together.

My personal dream is to get by and be comfortable and still find out what I want from trying to write. And being full time in San Francisco, I hope to stumble across just exactly that!



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