“The 405”

In this place so hellbent on sunkissed appearances at 9 cents a follower, the flaw in the system is that spread out shamelessly here among the twilight is damnation itself– for all vulnerabilities lay in the lights.

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From the Notebook: Travelling Highway 5 to Los Angeles

Sometimes you just have thoughts and not anything formulated for a good piece of writing. That, however, doesn’t mean they’re insignificant. So from the drive down this past weekend into Southern California I’ve transcribed a page from my notebook for a better sense of the mood I was feeling!

May 20, 2015



 bluebell, ivory, cherry tree, roadside weeds

“Home” by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros

“Hey You” by Pink Floyd

“Go Your Own Way” by Fleetwood Mac

“California” by The Airborne Toxic

The taste of hot hazelnut coffee from the gas station lasting for hours.



60’s in Swing

Got to recreate a little bit of the Mod flair for the night.

I was pretty excited this past Sunday to attend a Mad Men Series Finale Party right in the heart of downtown San Francisco! Admittedly, I watch the sultry and complicated 60’s drama off and on and I’ve definitely missed out on a few seasons– but without question I am hooked. It’s a brilliant show in an unlikely setting but as we watch the portrayals of Madison Avenue masses in tailored suits and high ambitions unfold from out of the ideals of Eisenhower America into the excitement of the 1970’s. All I can really say about the show is that the writing is fantastic and we get a strong array of flawed but admirable characters. Especially for the women in the show, we all know too well about how in that day and age they were anything but docile, delicate pretty things (amen!).

The bar at Novela on Mission Street. Not as many suits as I would have liked to see!

There isn’t much else I’d want to say about the ending or my enjoyment out of the show that has not been addressed in other articles or forms of social media within these past few days. And I’m a late bloomer in the sense of fandom. But I deeply admire that the show did its thing despite– personally to me, when the show first came onto the scene– feeling out of place and random. Compared to crime drama and reality TV of 2000’s, why  would AMC want to touch back on the 1960s, let alone at the most bourgeois and boring setting of an advertising agency’s office? Well, I stayed tuned– and the masses were proved wrong.

unnamed (1)

All I’m happy to say too is that in the wake of the end of this era, I was glad I was there to see it. Because sometime in the near future perhaps television writers will turn their attention to this zeitgeist of a decade for the millennium and focus on this moment when THAT generation was flipping out over another archaic time in our short history– and wouldn’t that be an interesting little story to tell.

Now go buy yourself a Coke because, seriously.

There you have it.


Celebrating all that Jazz of a Life in Words

As the months go by I find that my end of the deal in sharing my writing not just on here– but out in the world, on the streets–has been waning. So a few weeks ago I had the wonderful opportunity to get back out on the stage to perform some of my latest works, down at the monthly Word Party held at Viracocha in San Francisco’s Mission district. It was National Poetry Month, and as it also coincides with Jazz Month, each performer had the chance to read their works to a live jazz band!


In performing some of my works, as with writing them, it’s not just for me. It’s all about sharing the truths or randomness that speaks to me out to the rest of the world because we’re kidding ourselves if we think we live in a shell. Especially out here in a big city like San Francisco, you’re going to meet people from EVERYWHERE. You’ll take away something from each stranger you encounter in the bar or on the same bus route, whether their particular style caught your eye or their simple kindness in small talk or opening a door for you sets your mood up for the better. Strangers that on the surface mean little or nothing to each other, but connections that surely run deep.

I love the idea of interwoven stories, ever since watching the 2008 film Paris.  It’s a beautifully written film with so much inspiring visual aesthetic to a romantic realist take on a selected few denizens within the City of Lights. So hopefully when I am out reading whatever silly things that come to mind for the masses, others might take notice to this small contribution I offer to make SF just a little bit more interesting, and maybe inspiring to others out there. That’s why I read. Not just a story to tell but a story of my own that others might take notice to.


I think I’ll be missing out on the next word party as I’ll be away from the city next week, but for the local poetry enthusiasts in San Francisco I highly recommend attending a reading at Viracocha. It’s an artistan/vintage hub with a really cool back room bar and stage WITH ONE OF THE NICEST BATHROOMS IN SAN FRANCISCO YOU WILL EVER COME ACROSS. Trust me, it’s been rated and written and raved about on SF Gate and was even a finalist for America’s Best Restroom. So when the bartenders tell you to check out the bathroom, you’ll be glad you did!

Here is the piece I read that night as well. Enjoy, and to you strangers out there, I hope to see you at my next one.