Spring by the Bay: Amazing Updates and New Adventures!

Since I last left you, I was feeling happy. Now I am completely elated, transformed by recent travels and new projects that cement an exciting future ahead for me as a writer, entrepreneur, and overall happy human being.

You must take small steps in making your life happy– as noted in my last essay, trying to change the world one Facebook status at a time will only consume and distort your ideas of happiness and having a positive outlook for the future. If you can make small changes, change all the same is better when it’s towards your own well being, and everything else will fall into place. By focusing on yourself first, you find that, surprisingly, anything is possible.

Stepping away from A Week by the Bay, I also got to step away from the Bay Area itself for a wonderful week in Georgia! I love the South, and I truly believe I’m a Southern Belle at heart. Thrilled by the sunshine, the Spanish Moss hanging from ancient oaks, the proud and beautiful architecture of welcoming cities like Savannah and Roswell, and most of all the humility of its people, it makes a big difference in seeing places outside of your norm, outside of the bustling fast-paced mecca of San Francisco that while I still love and call my home, can be overwhelming for even myself.

See my latest travel guide for Savannah, Georgia here, the hostess city of the South!

Getting away has also inspired me to act upon my next big venture– publishing a magazine! Marjorie Magazine is my new little platform for all things nostalgic! They always tell you as a writer to “write the book you want to read.” So what about a magazine? The beauty of a magazine is to collect all the little things about a certain subject we love into one digest. Southern Living, Sunset, Entertainment Weekly, Men’s Health, Vogue, The New Yorker— successful publications catered to different demographics. Unfortunately, there are barely any publications for readers whose interests lean towards nostalgia. Facebook groups like Vintage Styling for Modern Girls and Instagrammers like Annelies van Overbeek and Lady Damfino show how powerful history can be, how the beauties of the past are kept alive as generations get younger and as time goes by.

Marjorie Magazine

I’ve always been a fan of nostalgia and vintage fashion as my personal inspiration. Things of the past remind me of stories I read as a child like Anne of Green Gables and movies like Gone with the Wind. I was watching period dramas by 6th grade and finding that I had a huge crush on Jimmy Stewart. And that’s where Marjorie comes in, to take a few steps back to appreciate the obsolete as breathtaking, and to connect with others fascinated with nostalgia. Telling stories of the past get us excited for the future– for what’s in store. Past and Future are the perfect foils in which the past is there to remind us always that great things await on the horizon. We may feel that we’re born in the wrong decade, naturally, but coming together through one publication, readers might just feel like time’s never moved at all.

Follow the magazine on Instagram @MarjorieMagazine and be sure to help us keep up our publication with our IndieGogo Fundraiser! Every penny helps in site maintenance, paying writers, and– best of all– publishing our FIRST PRINT issue this summer!

Where you’ll next see me? I can’t be sure, or specific, but one thing is certain: I‘ll be off to Europe, where more adventures and new writing undoubtedly await me.

Stay tuned for writings from abroad!