About Paris


A tiny writerish girl in her twenties born and raised and working in the San Francisco Bay Area. Four years ago I graduated from the University of San Francisco with a degree in Creative Writing, and have gotten lost in a variety of creative endeavors from typewritten stories and nonfiction to my own line of stationery prints on Etsy– all inspired by San Francisco and beyond. I’ve contributed to The Believer, Travel Sages, Wise Lit, Writerly Fashion, One Week One Band, myWebRoom, Wish, and here. Awkward and shy I may look, and I may not seem to do much, but guarantee that I’ll always be thinking– and writing– a lot.

And that’s where you find me. Every week. Navigating the open floodgate that has turned little SF into one of the world’s most powerful hubs for all things creative and innovative. Follow my misadventures with each weekly article I post regarding friendships, hateships, and always, the strange things that make this city the perfect place for this writer.



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