A New Book and Slow Beginnings!

Fellow readers of my San Fran misadventures:

I’ve definitely been way past deadlines in terms of posting about my previous weeks on a weekly basis, and my apologies. But it’s not without good reason!

I’ve been mentioning on my Instagram page that something big is coming in March 2016— and that, my readers, is my new book A Year by the Bay!! This book will be available via Blurb for all of you who enjoyed my past year chronicling a writer in San Francisco on a weekly basis. Every post I’ve made from when I moved out here from the trenches of the deep East Bay  in late January 2015 to now will be published in this complete book along with various photos taken in that time period. It’s a small celebration of a successful first year in a stable and amazing job, a world renowned city ever-changing in crowds and entertainment, and of course, being single. So now, see it all in one book, and here is the cover:

A Year by the Bay

I’ve also been busy at my day position as a content manager and media specialist for Wish. If you have the app or follow their social media, you might find that I’ve made a few articles for their blog and appearances on their YouTube Channel. And don’t think that’s the last of me– yep, I’ll be shooting some more fun content videos with Wish and I can’t wait not just to share them, but to keep on improving myself for the camera, as I am an inherently awkward creature and although it’s something I’ve embraced off screen, it translates rather strangely when you’re trying to share shopping information and featured items from the app.

Wish 2016 Haul Paris 2

I’m also looking to branch out with my freelancing, already starting a new guest post at theLittleThing5 here with “These San Francisco Thing5.” I will be reposting that post shortly on here.

In the meantime, as you await A Year by the Bay, you can read through all the featured weekly essays in my Archives and check out some of my other books from my early years of writing here on Blurb!

Have a happy week to you all 🙂






Stories by the Bay: Read my Early Fiction on Blurb!

A Week by the Bay Cover 2 (1)

I’m excited to share with you something I have half forgotten and half refrained from talking about because well, we’ve all been there as writers when there’s particular early work we’re not quite proud of.

But, at one time, I sure was. There was a time when I thought my fiction was good enough, enough to give it a try and self publish them on the incredibly genius POD platform Blurb.com. Blurb is my favorite domain, and other writers I know swear by it thanks to its easy-to-navigate design software and print process. I gave it a shot, and just like that– I was published.

Excerpt from Window Shopping, “Albany”
Sacred Grounds Word Night
Sacred Grounds Cafe, 2013

These short stories and experimental prose from my early days of writing are still for sale on Blurb! When the Fog Clears is a collection of seven full short stories about youth in the SF Bay Area, and Window Shopping, a variety of short and long prose on more of the same. These were works that I worked on in late 2010 and most of 2011 in an unforgiving time in my life. During that time I was out of college to help with my ill grandfather and I had plenty of downtime. These stories, and completed by new ones written once returning to school and the San Francisco cityscape, were often the same ones I read at Sunday night Word Nights thrown by the USF English Department at Sacred Grounds Coffeehouse or The Poet’s Gallery in North Beach. Within these books, with all their awkward syntax and wordiness and even design layout that seems a little bit off, it’s still all a part of what I’ve accomplished as a writer; a reminder that what I love to do I don’t do well and there is still plenty of time ahead– especially in this new year– for me to grow.

Window Shopping

If you’re up for the challenge, check out my books here on Blurb! I’ve also included a new page tab at the top of my blog for you all to check out anytime.

When the Fog Clears (2011) by Paris Kim

Window Shopping (2011) by Paris Kim

I thank my readers for their support and genuine interest. Here’s to hoping my early works don’t scare you away!

When the Fog Clears